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About Me

I am Tami LaNunziata, owner of Brokenwishbones Photography.

I started out as a photographer quite by accident. I was in awe then ,as I am today of being    able to “Paint the sky” through a photo. That first shot is still with me as I looked at the back of my camera, tears running down my face at the beautiful colors that God gave me that day. I have grown into the artist I am, first by the colors of painting with light and then by the technology used to create a photo worthy of sharing. Both the art and the technology are part of the art. I would like to have my work in every home. I hope you find what you are looking for here. If not make a request! I am always trying and learning new things

I see the world as the electric energy of light that is in me and I  believe we are all made up of millions of tiny light pixels. Enjoy my work

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